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Deluxe Package

Need a deeper clean? Our deluxe package is the perfect solution. Tackling the deep stains in the carpets and seats to bug guts and debris on the paint work. This package will bring back the wow factor to your vehicle regardless of age

An experience that surpassed all expectations. Kai has an incredible attention to detail, ensuring a prompt, organized, and thorough service. He showcased remarkable dedication to his craft, meticulously addressing every nook and cranny of my car. Notably, not only restored my grimmey car to its new appearance but also excelled in removing pet odors and grime buildup, demonstrating his expertise. - Katie B

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The Kai Wash Deluxe Detail Process

Interior Process


Remove all rubbish and personal items

We will remove all personal items and obvious rubbish in the vehicle. Please note if you do have child seats in the vehicle we prefer these to be removed prior to our arrival.


Shampoo of all fabric and carpet surfaces

Using fabric specific cleaning products, an upholstery extractor and steamer we will shampoo all carpets and fabrics to remove any staining and gunk build up in the vehicle


Thorough Vacuum

Using various tools and brushes we will perform a thorough vacuum of all areas in the vehicle including the boot area


Clean plastic and leather surfaces

Using different detailing brushes, pads, swabs and our steamer we will deep clean and condition all plastic and leather surfaces in the vehicle. This includes seats, door panels, dash board, center console etc.

Exterior Process


Clean wheels and tires

Wheel and tire cleaning involves a detailed process to remove dirt, grime, and brake dust from the wheels and tires of a vehicle. This service ensures the removal of contaminants that can degrade the materials over time. Using specialized cleaning products and brushes, each wheel and tire is thoroughly scrubbed to restore their appearance and protect them from future dirt and damage.


Contact Hand Wash and Paint Decontamination

A contact hand wash using the two bucket method involves using one bucket of clean, soapy water to wash the vehicle and a second bucket of plain water for rinsing the wash mitt or sponge. This method prevents the transfer of dirt back onto the car's surface, reducing the risk of scratches. Following the wash, a chemical paint decontamination stage is applied to remove more stubborn impurities, ensuring an even deeper clean. This sequence maintains the integrity and enhances the longevity of the vehicle's paintwork.


Pre Snow Foam Soak

A pre-wash snow foam treatment applies a thick, foamy solution to the vehicle’s exterior before the main wash. This foam clings to the surface, loosening and lifting dirt and grime without harsh scrubbing. This step not only helps in cleaning more effectively but also minimizes the risk of scratches during the subsequent washing process, preparing the vehicle for a thorough and safe clean.


Applying Wax to the paint work

Applying wax to a vehicle involves spreading a thin layer of protective wax over the exterior paint. This process not only enhances the car's shine but also forms a barrier against environmental contaminants like dust, dirt, and water. Waxing helps preserve the paint’s integrity, prolonging its lustrous appearance and protecting it from wear and tear.

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Protect exterior trim pieces

We apply a UV-resistant trim protector to all exterior plastics to prevent fading and cracking. This protective treatment ensures that these components maintain their integrity and appearance over time.


Windows Cleaned

We will clean all interior windows and mirrors to a streak free finish including sunroof, visors and rear view mirror and windshield


Final Inspection

We will do a final inspection of the interior and exterior of the vehicle to ensure we haven't missed anything before we return the keys to you to make sure we are 100% satisfied with the outcome of the vehicle.


Price List

Please note all prices are subject to vehicles condition


Small Vehicles

Hatchbacks / Sedans

ie: Corolla, Commodore




Medium Vehicles

5 Seater SUVs and Utes

ie: Ford Ranger, Kia Seltos



Large Vehicles

7 Seater SUVs and 4WDs

ie: Everest, Patrol


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does this package take?

This package generally takes anywhere from 4-6 hours to complete depending on the current condition of the vehicle

2. My car has been ceramic coated by a dealership, does it need a wax?

In this case we would use a ceramic spray sealant in place of the wax as this product will refresh your ceramic coating by adding a protective layer on top. This increases the longevity of your ceramic coating

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