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Freshly Cleaned volkswagen golf

Professional Maintenance Detailing Packages For Your Vehicle

Just brought a new vehicle and looking to maintain that fresh clean look? Our maintenance package is the perfect solution. Designed to be performed on a monthly basis taking the hassle of cleaning your car off your hands!


The Kai Wash Maintenance Process


Remove any Rubbish and personal items

We will remove all personal items and obvious rubbish in the vehicle. Please note if you do have child seats in the vehicle we prefer these to be removed prior to our arrival.


Clean Plastic and Leather Surfaces

We will give all areas a general cleaning and conditioning to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle


Thorough Vacuum

Using various tools and brushes we will perform a thorough vacuum of all areas in the vehicle including the boot area


Basic Wash of the Exterior

We begin by applying a foam treatment, followed by a meticulous hand wash of the vehicle, including a thorough cleaning of the wheels and tires. To protect and enhance your car's appearance, we finish with a high-quality spray sealant that boosts the gloss and water-repellent properties of the paintwork.


All prices are subject to condition of the vehicle 


Small Vehicles


ie: Corolla/Commodore



Medium Vehicles

5 Seater SUVs and Utes

ie: Ford Ranger, Kia Seltos



Large Vehicles

7 Seater SUVs and 4WDs

ie: Everest, Patrol


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does a maintenance package take?

For smaller vehicles we aim to have the job completed in 1.5-2 hours, for larger vehicles about 3 hours

2. How do I get on the maintenance schedule?

Before every client is added to our maintenance schedule we require your first appoint to be our deluxe package. This ensures the vehicle we are working with has been already deep cleaned so we can maintain your car more effectively

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