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Premium Package

For The Full Kai Wash Experience

For those that want nothing but the best! This is a full overhaul of the inside and outside of your vehicle to bring it back to as like new condition as possible. Including a polish and a wax to create a breathtaking shine and gloss to your paint work. 

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Kai did an amazing job at restoring the shine to my 4WD's paintwork and making it sparkle inside and out. The entire process from booking till when Kai came was easy and smooth. He was pleasant, punctual and put in great effort to ensure that I was satisfied with the end result, which I was very happy with. Would highly recommend Kai Wash to anyone looking for a great value and high quality car detailing service!! - Thomas F

The Kai Wash Premium Package Process


Remove any trash and personal items from the vehicle


Perform a thorough vacuum of all areas in the vehicle including the boot area


Shampoo all carpets and fabrics to remove any staining and gunk build up in the vehicle


Deep clean and condition all plastic and leather surfaces in the vehicle. This includes seats, door panels, dash board, center console etc.


Deep Clean wheels, tires, wheel arches to remove built up brake dust and road grime


Pre contact wash foam down to remove road film, dust and dirt prior to a hand wash


Hand wash and paint decontamination both mechanically and chemically to ensure paint is smooth and completely free of embedded particles prior to polishing


One step paint polishing. This is designed to remove up to 90% of the defects in the paint work such as swirls and marring. 


Depending on the level of gloss or outcome the client is after we will either use a wax or ceramic sealant prduct to protect the paint work and further enhance the gloss and luster of the paint work


Glass is cleaned to a streak free finish, all exterior trim pieces are restored as much as possible and tires shined to complete the full exterior to as like new condition as possible

Price Ranges

All prices are subject to vehicles current condition


Small Vehicles

Hatchbacks / Sedans

ie: Corolla, Commodore



Medium Vehicles

5 Seater SUVs and Utes

ie: Ford Ranger, Kia Seltos



Large Vehicles

7 Seater SUVs and 4WDs

ie: Everest, Patrol


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this service take?

Depending on the size and current condition of the vehicle we will require to be on premises for a whole day to two days

Why does it take so long?

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible outcome for each vehicle. Polishing a vehicle takes a lot of time and expertise to complete to a satisfactory condition and as such we request you organize the day/s knowing we will need the vehicle. Have a day off and treat yourself at home :)

What are swirls and marring?

Swirl marks and marring refer to fine scratches and imperfections on a vehicle's paintwork. Swirl marks typically appear as circular patterns that are especially visible under direct sunlight or bright lighting. They are often caused by improper washing techniques or using dirty or abrasive materials during cleaning. Marring is similar but generally refers to fine scratches that result from handling, wiping, or the application processes that disturb the surface of the clear coat. Both detract from the vehicle’s appearance and can lead to further damage if not addressed.

What is the difference between a Wax and  Ceramic Sealant?

A quality wax and a ceramic spray sealant both serve to protect and enhance a vehicle's paintwork, but they differ significantly in composition and durability. Wax, typically made from natural carnauba wax or synthetic polymers, provides a shiny, protective layer that enhances the paint's appearance and offers moderate protection against contaminants. However, it generally requires reapplication every few months. Ceramic spray sealants, on the other hand, utilize advanced nanotechnology to bond chemically with the paint, forming a harder, more durable barrier. This not only offers a higher level of protection against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and chemical stains but also lasts much longer than traditional waxes, extending the periods between applications.

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